GGB GLUTE PROGRAM | Workout 1 - Week 1

GGB GLUTE PROGRAM | Workout 1 - Week 1

GGB Glute 4 week program first released to the Barbell Club in the September box. We'll take you through it week by week with video demonstrations to help guide you.

Can you gain booty size in 4 weeks? Building your glutes will take time and concentrated effort. Although you will see results in 4 weeks, much more time is needed to get those big booty gains. Start now with our 4 week program and repeat it for another 4 weeks. Let's get started!

How to use the 4 week program? Start off your lower body workout with an exercise that allows you to move big weights, such as a back squat, deadlift, or leg press. If you need a strength training program to follow we have you covered. Our workouts are powerlifting driven and posted Mon-Friday. You can view today's and all past workouts HERE. After your main lower body lifts, finish with our GGB glute finishers 2 times a week. Finish all 4 workouts and then repeat the cycle one more time. Stay the course and you’ll see the Glutes start to grow. Be patient and get to work!

Week 1- Workout 1
Complete 5 rounds with little rest of:

  • 20 DB or body weight walking lunges
  • 12 weighted glute thrusters
  • 20 banded donkey kicks (both sides)

View the movements HERE


  • Susie

    So happy you gave it a go!!!! Build dem cakes!

  • Antonia Davis

    Ok that was amazing. I back squated and hit pretty heavy. Then I did this booty buster and I nearly died. Good one.

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