8-13-21 friday dynamic lower

8-13-21 friday dynamic lower
  • Paused squats 8x3x65%
  • Squats w/straight bar weight- 2 Sets of 5 Reps increasing 2-2.5% from the week before. If you are just starting, start with around 60% of your max. When you come to a week where you fail, the following week you will decrease reps to 2 sets of 3 reps, continuing to increase weight each week. When you come to a week where you fail your sets of 3, deload for the next lower body workout and then test your max the following workout (1 week later, minimum). Then, restart the cycle with your new 50%
  • Speed pulls competition stance t 1" deficit 8x3x45% + 30% band or chain
  • SSB goodmornings 3x8


  • Walking db lunges 3x10 each side
  • Sumo dimel deadlifts 3x20 @35% of 1 rm deadlift
  • Hanging straight leg raises + ankle weights if possible 3x15
    modify as needed
  • Finish with:
    400 Meter Sled Drag @20% of DL 1RM + KB Farmers Carry (simultaneous) 35's *OR 6 Minutes Belt Squat March Holding KB's