7-28-21 Max Effort Upper

7-28-21 Max Effort Upper

Main work

  • Floor press using Specialty bar (if you have one)  3x1xmax
    You may not have a previous max to compare for this lift with a specialty bar, so work up as a new max effort. Try to avoid failure if possible.
  • Floor press drop down set 3x3 @80% of Today's Max

Auxiliary work

  • "Louie" Push Ups On FOOTBALL BAR (Wide grip) - 2 Sets of MAX REPS against Max Band This week: Feet on Bench Set 3: Unweighted, Max Reps
  • Chest supported (flat, face down) DB rows 3x10
    then, immediately go into 10 straight arm hanging shrugs (or scap only pull ups).  Use bands to reduce your weight to modify this
  • Straight arm lat pull downs 3x12
  • Core Abs: GHD banded oblique twist 3x20
    if you don't have a GHD, modify using a decline bench or floor russian twist
  • Finish with:
    • 4x20 DB rollbacks from floor
    • 4x20 lying (face up) banded reverse flys HERE

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