10-27-21 WEDNESDAY upper

10-27-21 WEDNESDAY upper
  • Floor press w/football bar if possible- work up to a 1 rep max
  • Floor press drop down sets 3x5x70%
  • Incline Barbell JM press 3x10
  • chest supported seal row (face down, flat) 4x12
  • Wide fat grip lat pull downs 4x12
  • "Louie" Push Ups - THREE SETS OF Max Reps, Against MAX BAND
    Set 1: Narrow Bench Press Grip
    Set 2: Middle Bench Press Grip
    Set 3: Normal Bench Press Grip
  • Standing banded side bends 4x30
  • 4 Sets:
    30 Band Face Pulls
    Standing Banded Pushdown: 1 Minute Static Hold at Lockout (Bottom)