9-7-21 TUESDAY upper body

9-7-21 TUESDAY upper body

For beginners with limited equipment

  • DB floor press 4x12
  • Single arm DB upright row 4x12 eachside
  • DB lateral side raise 4x12
  • Bicep curl 4x12

Finish with 5 rounds of:

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 v crunch
  • 20 standing weighted side bends


  • Bench 3x1 +25% chains or band tension
    Work up to 90% or a 1 rep max. The goal is to get 3 singles at 90% or above
  • drop set bench 3x3x80%
  • barbell skull crusher to pins 3x10
  • DB tricep kick back 3x12 each arm
  • DB single arm upright row 3x12 each arm
  • 20-30 standing weighted side bends

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