9-30-21 THURSDAY lower body

9-30-21 THURSDAY lower body

Limited equipment

  • 4x10 single leg to box or bench
  • 4x10 seated goodmorning hold DB at chest
  • 4x15 DB Dimel deadlift

then, 8 rounds tabata 20secs work/10 secs rest of:

  • plank hold
  • sit up


Main work

  • Box squat 10x2x55% + 25% chain or bands
  • Speed deadlifts 10x2x70%

Auxiliary work

  • Back extension 3x10
  • Single leg squat to bench 3x10 each leg
  • Goodmornings w/band tension from front 3x10
  • 1x100 ab of choice
  • 1x100 banded hamstring curls