9-28-21 TUESDAY upper body

9-28-21 TUESDAY upper body

Limited equipment

  • 4x10 One arm DB row each side
  • 4x10 DB bench press
  • 4x10 DB shoulder press
  • 4x10 DB lat pull over


  • 4x10 DB lateral raises with increasing weight
    *start with a light weight and increase each set- no rest between sets
  • rest 30 secs
  • 4x10 DB lateral raises with decreasing weight
    * start with your end weight above and decrease weight each set- no rest between sets

then, 10 mins of :

  • 6 burpee or burpee walk outs
  • 10 DB clean & press



Main work

  • Work up to a 1 rep max Bench press to 1 board + bands
    If you don't have access to bands do a 1 board press only (or use your knee sleeves bound together place at chest)
  • Drop down sets 3x3x80%
    keep bands and press to 1 board

Auxiliary work

  • Single arm DB row 3x10 each side
  • Lat pull over 3x15
  • DB tates press 3x15