9-10-21 FRIDAY upper body

9-10-21 FRIDAY upper body

For beginners or those with limited equipment

6 rounds of:

  • 6 incline DB press- heavy as you can go and keep good form
    sub to floor press if you don't have a bench
  • 10 seated shoulder press - moderate
  • 10 Bent over DB rows
  • 20 banded straight arm pull downs

*after each round do 50 jump rope or 50 toe taps


  • Bench 6x3x55% +bands or chains
  • Close grip 3x8x75%
  • Seated barbell overhead press from floor 3x10
  • Pull ups 3x5-10
    sub any way you need (banded or ring rows)
  • Snatch grip bent over rows 3x10
  • Standing cable machine straight arm pull downs 3x12
    if you don't have a cable machine sub with banded straight arm pull downs 3x20
  • 1x100 ab of choice