Week May 9-15th evening class

Week May 9-15th evening class
day 1:
- close grip bench 5x6
- d bell bench 4x12
- lat pull down 4x15
- cable push down 4x12
- hammer curls 3x15
- lat pull through 3x12
- weighted plank 4x1 min
Day 2:
- Squat 5x4
- paused squat 3x5 light
- d bell lunges 3x15/15
- leg ext 4x20
- trap bar or barbell RDL 4x12
- ab wheel 4x10
day 3:
- bench 2 board press over load 5x2 top double
- d bell incline bench 4x8-10 heavy
- close grip pull downs 3x15
- dips 4x10
- one arm row 4x10/10
- push ups 3 max reps
- stir the pot 4x10/10
day 4:
- paused front squat 6x1 "light"  rest 60-90 sec rest
- deadlift 5x2 70-75% moderate
- pause deads 3x3 at knee 50-60% perfect form
- GHD back ext 4x8
- calf raises 4x15
- rowing 4x1:00 min
- sled pull 4x150ft

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