Week May 30th-June 4th

Week May 30th-June 4th

Day 1

Squats 5x2 RPE 8
Chair deadlift -with no stand up 3x6  see video HERE
Back extension 3x10
DB or KB Single leg deadlift 3x10 each leg
banded hamstring curls 3x30
decline sit ups 3x10 *or regular sit ups if needed for back pain

Day 2
Bench press wide grip 6x3 RPE 6-7
Floor press - close grip 3x8 work up to a heavy 8 rep max
ez curl bar skull crusher 4x8
barbell bent over row 3x8
lat pull down 3x12
standing oblique twist 4x20-25

Day 3
Box squat 6x4 RPE 6-7
Deadlifts 6x4 RPE 6-7
Goodmornings 3x10
DB lunges 3x12 each leg
KB swings 3x20

Day 4
Bench- work up to a 1 rep max with chains
back down sets 3x3x80% - keep chains
Pull ups 3x8
skull crushers 3x12
Dips 3x"max reps"
one arm DB row 3x10
Plank 1 min middle - 30 secs per side for 3 sets


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